President’s Note - from Rio in 2013 to Paris in 2014!

Dear CIMUSET friends and colleagues,
The ICOM and CIMUSET meeting in Rio de Janeiro was very successful. I look forward to next years’s CIMUSET conference (2014), which will be held in Paris; for details see the item following this message.
In 2013, we organised a joint meeting with the MPR committee (Marketing and Public Relations). We were very happy that the themes chosen; all the speakers and papers followed the themes. The papers from the CIMUSET section of the meeting were distributed on a CD to the participants - thanks to the great work of Maria Esther Valente and her colleagues at MAST. She had also organised a round table discussion at a new museum in Rio - Museum of Science And Life - where social inclusion was debated enthusiastically, a wonderful annual dinner was held on the roof of the new building and a very impressive visit to the town of Vassouras  and its surrounds in the hills, three kilometres drive from Rio . We visited a former coffee plantation; the merchant’s house is now a museum, Casa de Hera. We met the children of the town, while they were watching the sun thorough a telescope. The local music school played a concert for us and we were invited to the opening of an exhibition in the local House of Culture . The ICOM meeting closed with a very impressive dinner, dance, and samba show in Mangueira, The Palace of Samba. Thanks to all our Brazilian colleagues, who worked to make the ICOM meeting such a great success.
A new board was elected during the General Assembly of CIMUSET from the list of nominees. Juliette Raul-Duval invited us to meet in Paris, France next year and presented a preliminary program. Ech- cherki Dahmali invited CIMUSET to Morocco for the meeting in 2017. In addition he was pointed to be the CIMUSET representative for Africa. CIMUSET will collaborate with the Technical Museum of Leonardo da Vinci for the ICOM meeting in 2016 in Milan.
Best wishes,
Jytte Thorndahl
President of CIMUSET
CIMUSET Conference 7 - 11 July 2014
Museum of Arts and Crafts Paris (France)
Collections, exhibitions, demonstrations: the role of museums to stimulate scientific and technical vocations
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