Volunteers Commendation of 2013 Held in Zhejiang Museum of Natural History

Volunteers Commendation of 2013 was successfully held in Zhejiang Museum of Natural History recently. Nearly 80 volunteers got together to share the achievements and affection of the past year. 10 Top Best volunteers and 11 volunteer teams were commended.

A representative gave the speech on the review of volunteer work in 2013 and the expectation in 2014. In 2013, the volunteer served mainly in the basic services and structure adjustment. They have worked 23,922 hours in the daily consultation, free instruction, designing and organization of the science popularization activities, hours counting, and assisted in receiving near 1.73 million person-times of visitors. Also, they have set up 4 teams in daily service, instruction, education and activity and general administration. Over 100 individuals and teams were enrolled as volunteers. Besides, they have had visits and conversations in and with such fellows as Hangzhou Museum, Ningbo Museum and Tianyige Museum. Till December of 2013, 101 individual volunteers, 551 team volunteers have been registered. They have provided the public with 1,599 instructions, 13 civil forums and 20 family activities.
The volunteers are the retired, employees and university students. The representatives shared the happiness and growth in the volunteer services.

After the Commendation, they had companionship party, showing the positive, solidarity and harmony spirits among the volunteers.

(by Zhejiang Museum of Natural History)

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